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Beverley Street Angels was launched in July 2012 as a response to needs in the town centre by the church in Beverley.
Who are we?
We are volunteers that give our time on Saturday nights until the early hours of Sunday mornings and special events. We are on the streets in all weathers, supporting and caring for those who have become vulnerable at night. Not all Beverley Street Angels are Christians or part of a church, but all volunteers respect this is a Christian initiative and that there is a Spiritual dimension to the work.
What do we do
Beverley Street Angels walk around Beverley town centre in hi-vis jackets, ready to care for the vulnerable. We pick up empty bottles, discarded glasses and tin cans that could be used in a negative way later in the night. We clear up broken glass which could become embedded in bare feet. We listen and talk to all who want to spend time with us. Beverley Street Angels look out for vulnerable people by providing them with information and assistance; dispensing free bottled water, safe footwear and where necessary, first aid
Why do we do it?
Actions speak louder than words, and all Beverley Street Angels agree with the ethos of the Christian faith. We believe that God wants us to live in a safe community and this work supports us in doing that.


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Beverley Community Church

Information on STAY SAFE with Run Hide Tell from National Police Chief's Council

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